Business Upgrades on the TNH are simply one of the most cost-effective ways for a business of any category to reach the English-speaking community of Vietnam.

With more than 7,000 businesses listed on TNH, Upgrading your spot is your way to stand out in the crowd and make sure your business is noticed.

All Business Upgrades come with the following features:

  1. Xemzi Ads
  2. TNH Bullseye Banners
  3. Category List Highlighting
  4. Search Result List Highlighting
  5. Job Ad Highlighting
  6. Additional Job Ad Allowance

To speak to a TNH site representative about how a Business Upgrade can help your business, write to us at

Xemzi Ads

Xemzi Ads are TNH’s way of ensuring that your business gets the attention it needs.  Xemzi Ads are sponsored messages with your business information that appear in four different, high-value locations:

  1. TNH Category Pages.
  2. TNH Search Results
  3. Competitor Spot Pages
  4. iPhone Mobile App

These ads are brief, direct, and targeted reminders to the community of your presence on the site and in the city.  Click here to learn more.

TNH Bullseye Banners

With all the visual appeal of far more expensive banner ad campaigns and the targeted nature of Xemzi Ads, TNH Bullseye Banners are a cost-effective way to keep you brand from fading in Vietnam’s always competitive marketplace.  TNH Bullseye Banners are 220x440px banners appearing in five high-value positions throughout the site:

  1. Your own Spot page.
  2. Competitor Spot Pages.
  3. TNH Category Pages.
  4. TNH Search Results

Click here to learn more.

Category List Highlighting

When your Spot appears in a category list, site users will have their attention drawn to your entry by the manner it is distinguished from other, non-client listings.  Your Spot’s position in the category list will be visually more compelling and include additional information not found in the displays of non-client Spots.  Standing out from the competition means more clicks to your page.  More views of your page means a more informed public and more customers.


Search Result List Highlighting

Much as when viewing category lists, your entry in search results will be distinguished from non-client entries.  Your presence will include additional information and visual attractions that lead to more clicks and more interest in your business.In addition to each of the features listed above, all TNH clients are eligible for inclusion in the twice-monthly newsletter.  For more information about this or any of the Business Upgrade features, please contact


Jobs Section Upgrades

Upgraded businesses are allowed five active job ads (per upgraded Spot) as opposed to the usual one, free job ad allowed non-upgraded businesses.  In addition, these job ads are highlighted (expanded display, company logo included, and job ad blurb included in the list view) and placed before all ads from non-upgraded businesses.

Base price: $70 per month

[This is the base price of this upgrade, though there are many packages and long term rates where discounts on this base price are available.  Please contact us to learn more about available packages and long term discounts.]