Xemzi Ads are a key feature of all Business Upgrades and Housing Upgrades on TNH.  They are brief, highly-targeted ads that reach the potential customers who have already indicated they are in the marketplace for goods and services such as your own.

These ads are placed in sections closely related to your own business, ensuring that the site visitor viewing it is more likely to find it of interest.  Xemzi Ads appear in the four following locations:

1) Category Pages.  When browsing the various lists of Spots by category, site users will find that a Xemzi Ad tops each list.  These Xemzi Ads are random drawn from all TNH clients who are present in that category.

2) Search Results.  When a site visitors does a search of the Spot directory, a Xemzi Ad will top their list of search results.  This Xemzi Ad is randomly drawn from all TNH clients who are present in the full list of search results for that query.

3) Competitor’s Pages.  Each time a Spot page of a business is loaded who is not a TNH client, that page will include a Xemzi Ad.  The Xemzi Ad will be randomly chosen from all TNH clients who are in the same category as that business.

For more information about how you and your business can start benefiting from Xemzi Ads, please contact sales@tnhvietnam.com.