TNH Bullseye Banners are a highly targeted form of banner advertising focused on putting your ad campaign in front of the eyes of those most interested in your sort of business.  They are a part of our various Upgrade packages.

These 220x440px vertical banners appear in these places:

1) On your Spot page. Once you have purchased an Upgrade, you’ll have the ability to post this banner via your Spot’s admin interface.  It will then appear on your page in the rigth margin just beneath the map.


2) On your competitor’s Spot pages.  This banner will appear in the same location on the pages of businesses in the same category as you who have not purchased TNH Upgrades.  When a Spot page loads for a business that is not a TNH Upgrade purchaser, a banner appears on that page from one of our clients in the same category.  If there are more than one such client, one is randomly chosen each time the page is loaded.


3) Next to the relevant category lists.  When users are browsing the site and looking at the various category lists for the thousands of spots listed on the site, the Bullseye Banners of TNH clients will appear next to that list.  If the user is looking at Restaurants -> Asian -> Indian, then they will see banners for Indian restaurants in the right margin.  Up to three of these banners will appear on any category list view, with the three randomly chosen from among all clients in that category.


4) Next to search result lists.  When viewing the results of a search query on the site, users will see the Bullseye banners of TNH Upgrade clients who appear in those results.


Contact to meet with a site representative and learn more about these highly targeted forms of advertising.