Spots are verified by in-person visits from a TNH site representative.  These are scheduled as soon as we are able to get to them, but you can contact us to expedite your verification visit.  To schedule your your verification visit, contact us at

All Spots not entered directly by TNH representatives start out with an Unverified status.  We then assign a site rep to visit and/or contact the Spot in question.  These verification visits are typically unscheduled.  A site representative will show up at your business, collect all the necessary contact info (typically found on your business card or your sign), take an exterior photo, and note your map position.

Once it is clear that all the essential information is correct, we will change your Spot’s status to Verified.  The verified listing is then fully visible on all relevant category pages.

We strive to make this verification visit as soon after Spot entry as possible, but the fast moving and dynamic nature of Vietnam means that this is not always accomplished as quickly as we’d like.  If it is urgent that your Spot be verified immediately, please contact us at to arrange a scheduled verification visit.