Once your Spot has been entered into the site, you can take over the administration of the page by using the Claim This Page! link at the top of the Spot page or the box in the right margin.  Each will allow you to claim the page and send us a message explaining your relationship to the business.

Before you claim your Spot page on the site and take over its administrative privileges, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. It’s best not to use a personal TNH account for the administration of your Spot page.  Accounts that are given admin privileges to a Spot page also have many other parts of their TNH functionality disabled.  Spot admins are not able to do things like write reviews, contribute to Ask ANH, post Classifieds, or join Groups.  We introduced these restrictions to help limit the amount of accidental (and intentional) spam that the site is subjected to.  If you intend to continue using your account for these other site purposes, we recommend you register an account that is formally set up for the explicit and sole purpose of administrating your page.

  2. Remember that TNH site representatives will need to verify that the account you have claimed Spot ownership with is in fact operated by a business representative.  The easiest way to expedite this process is to create your account using the official email address of the business you are claiming.

  3. If your account is not rooted in the Spot’s official email address, then you’ll need to either be reachable at the Spot’s listed phone number or arrange an in person meeting with a site rep.

Once the account’s relationship to the Spot is verified, you’ll have admin access to the Spot page.

From then on, it is you and your company’s responsibility to maintain the account’s security and to only allow those appropriate parties to access it and your page.