As the verified admin of a Spot page, you are able to edit the following bits of information:

  1. Telephone Number
  2. Email Address
  3. Web Address (URL)
  4. Directions to your Spot
  5. Description of your Spot
  6. The Category you are listed in

In addition to these basic parts of your Spot’s identity, Spot admin also have the ability to:

  • Add & Edit Events.
  • Add & Manage Photos.
  • Add & Edit Public Review Replies
  • View Page Stats

A Spot’s Name, Address, and Map Point are not editable by a Spot admin.  If minor changes are needed to the name, address, or map point, a request for those changes can be sent to

A substantial change to a Spot’s name, however, is deemed the creation of a new business.  With a completely new brand identity, your business will get a new Spot page.  The old page will be changed to “Defunct”.

In cases where a business moves, we do not edit the address and map point.  Rather, the new location of your business is given a new Spot page and the old one is changed to a “Moved” status.  Links are made between the two pages to allow users to see past/current incarnations of the business and to read old/current reviews.