We almost never change the address on an existing Spot page.  When a business moves, it gets a new Spot and the status of the previous location is changed to “Moved.”

When your business moves to a new location, there are three easy steps to getting your listing updated.

  1. Create a new Spot page.  When you have changed locations, we give you new location its own spot page.  TNH is not only a list of what is currently happening in Hanoi, but also a documenting of what has gone before.  We keep old listings and the information associated with them on the site, though they are only visible via Advanced Search.  Enter your new location as a new Spot.

  2. Contact us at support@tnhvietnam.com to let us know that the new entry you’ve made is your new location and not a 2nd location.

  3. Schedule a verification visit so that your new entry can be finalized and the old entry updated.  We will give the Spot page for your previous location a “Moved” status and link between it and your new entry.  The old entry will not be visible in the Spot category lists or via simple search.  Advanced Search will be the only way of accessing it.
In the vast majority of cases, reviews will not be moved to the new Spot you are creating.  Except in cases where customers do not actually have any reason to go to the physical location of the business (housing agents or graphic designers, for example), much of a business’ appeal is tied up in its location and physical space.  It is rare that a review does not mention these things as part of the reason for the opinion they have formed and chosen to post.  As such, reviews for a previous location stay on that Spot page.  The new page you have created is starting fresh.  See it as an opportunity and run with it!