Except in cases of inappropriate, unverifiable or duplicate entries, we tend to not remove Spots from the site.  When a Spot moves, we change its status to Moved and it no longer appears on category pages or in simple site searches.  It is, however, available via Advanced Search and is typically linked to from the Spot page for the new location of the business.

If a Spot goes out of business completely, we will change its status to Defunct.  Much like a Moved Spot, a Defunct status means that the Spot is no longer visible via simple site search or on category pages.  It can only be found via Advanced Search.

TNH does not, under any circumstances, remove a Spot simply because the business owner or manager has requested that we do so.  Much the same as nearly all the major international reviewing websites, listings of business and organizations may be posted without those businesses knowledge and will remain without or without their explicit consent.  They are present on the site not as advertisements, but as structured spaces where site users may share their opinions and experiences about their business or organization.

TNH is only one of hundreds of online outlets where internet users may be discussing your business without your knowledge of it and without your permission.  It is important to understand that numerous court cases have made it very clear that individuals have the right to publicly discuss their experiences and share their opinions about businesses and organizations on sites like ours and others.

Operating a business in the 21st century is to inescapably participate in a public sphere of shared opinions.  Those opinions might not always be flattering or reasonable, but learning how to interpret and act on the opinions shared about you is essential.  Read over our suggestions for how to do deal with your reviews as they begin to come in.  Look into how public review replies allow you to have a voice in the discussion without reviewing yourself.

You can be sure that public discussion of your business is here to stay on the internet, whether or not TNH even exists.  Learning to accept that and use it to your benefit is the key.