We DO NOT allow a business owner or manager to review their own business. There are numerous ways for a business owner or manager to express their opinion about their own business on TNH without writing a review.  We understand the temptation, but you really must keep the following things in mind:

  • You are not as clever as you think.  You may think it simple enough to play the role of a satisfied customer and write your way to a good, self-crafted reputation, but it almost never works out that way.  TNH members read online reviews all the time.  They can Spot fake or planted content and it will backfire one you.  Additionally, TNH representatives are constantly monitoring reviews and the accounts used to post them.  Anonymity is much harder to achieve on the internet than you probably believe.  If those TNH reps catch you posting content to your own page or your competitors pages in this fashion, you will have your content removed, your account shut down, and possibly see your entire business banned from the site.  You don't want this.  We don't want this.  Let's just avoid it all together and leave it to your customers to do the writing.
  • Do not try to covertly have staff, friends, or family plant reviews of your business. Of course your friends and family probably patronize your establishment, but know that the sort of vague platitudes they may write in praise of your efforts are likely to be interpreted as shilling by our users. You may think it will be a clever way to get some good reviews on your page, but they backfire the vast majority of the time. In fact, they frequently backfire quite spectacularly. Taking this approach can lead to your business’ reputation on the site being irreparably damaged.
  • Encourage your regular customers and patrons to visit your page on the site and leave their thoughts about their experiences there. This is the best way to get some reviews flowing onto your page. Encourage them to be completely honest and thorough. If they write well about both the upsides and downsides of your place, people are going to take the review seriously and give real consideration to whether or not it is a good place for them. If it’s all glowing talk with little detail, they’re likely to ignore it or worse.
  • Rather than writing a review of yourself to counter other reviews on your page, claim your Spot page and get the ability to write public review replies.  It is a fully free service that any business owner or manager can get access to.  If you are unsure how to get this access, consult this page or contact us at support@tnhvietnam.com   Review replies may be preferable to posting your own review, as you can get all the same information out to the public, address individual concerns of reviewers, and not have to rate yourself as you do in a review.