Getting those first reviews can be a nerve wracking time, be they positive or negative. The main thing to remember is to stay calm and take a broad view of things. No single review for no single business will ever be the difference between success and failure. Different people have different expectations and standards, and thus, they will have different feelings about your place of business.

While everybody loves to get positive reviews, the most important thing that can happen in a review is that the reviewer provides future visitors to your page additional information about what your business is all about. One person’s two star review can end up being another’s five star experience if that first review provided enough information for them to judge the place in terms of their own taste. The key is not to overreact.

When you’re feeling a bit tense about user impressions that are out there for anyone to read, keep a few simple things in mind:

  • Don’t overreact to any single review. Of course every customer’s experience is important to you, but when considering the impact of a review on your potential customers’ feelings about your place, take a deep breath. Our users are smart people. They understand that not everybody is impressed with the same things. They expect differences of opinion and are more interested in the information the reviews provide. One user’s two star review will read like a five star review to somebody else.
  • Don’t argue with users who have reviewed your business. One of the most devastating things a business owner or manager can do is lose his or her temper in a “counter-review”. It only makes you look defensive and immature. It will not help your image. It is, in fact, more damaging than any negative review could be. Show some class.  If you feel the need to reply to the review publicly, use your Review Replay feature.  If you do not yet have access to this feature, be sure to request admin access to your page and get it.
  • Make ample use of our private messaging system. TNH has its own internal messaging system that allows users of the site to communicate with one another. This is a potentially powerful tool for any business owner in Hanoi. First, you need to sign up for a user account that clearly states you are the owner/manager of your business. Then, use that account to interact with the users who have reviewed your business. Thank those who had kind words to say, and find out more from those who were disappointed. Just be sure to keep your tone professional. Again, take a deep breath. Lashing out at a reviewer, even on our private messaging system, will do more harm than good. Treat them with respect and they may give your business a second chance.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember that the readers of our site are not fools.  They do not take every post made on the site at face value.  They are well aware that anyone can sign up and post something on a site like ours.  They bring an inherently critical eye to the content they ready.  They are looking for information and context.  Simple opinion will mean little without a sense of who the person is and how they might be motivated.  If you feel that a review is obviously motivated by ulterior motives and not a sincere reflection of your business’ merits, remember that a reader of the site is likely to see this as well.  If it is obvious, then most see it that way.  In this age of seemingly endless cross referencing information streams, reputations of longterm projects.  No single information source (let alone a single review) will ever be completely “make or break.”

If after all of this, you still feel that a user’s review violates the site’s reviewing policies and standards, contact us. You can do this by either flagging the review by clicking on the “inappropriate” link above the review (while you are signed in), or by email us at  We will look into the post and get back to you about the best way to proceed.