The order that reviews appear on your page are based on three factors:

  1. The weight of the reviewer who posted it (long term site members with lots of contributions are more heavily weighted than newcomers).

  2. The reaction of the community to the review (as indicated in the clicks they make associated with the review).

  3. Time (all reviews decrease in weight over time).

The ordering of Reviews on Spot pages is an important part of how TNH works.  This ordering process works in two stages:

First, a new review will stay at the top of your Spot page for ten days.  This is done so that visitors to your page have an opportunity to see this new content and react to it via the Props (the feedback links accompanying any review, such as “Well-Written,” “Funny,” or “Fail!”

If there is more than one review posted in the last ten days, they will appear chronologically with the most recent at the top.

Once they have had their ten-day run at the top of the Spot’s list of Reviews, they will then be placed in the list based on weight.  The weight of a review is determined by three things:

  1. The strength of the User who posted the review.  A user who has been on the site for a long time and made many contributions is weighted more heavily than a relative newcomer.  Their content starts out with a stronger standing due to the overall context they have provided other site users (their past contributions).

  2. The reactions of the community.  After the User has posted his or her review, the community may react to it by clicking on the positive and negative Props (feedback links) accompanying each review.  These adjust the review’s weight positively or negatively.

  3. Time.  All reviews gradually fade over time.  All of them.  To give greater importance to more recent and relevant content, the weighting of reviews depreciate with time.  This means that they are likely to display lower in the list and have a lesser impact on the business’ overall rating.

Thus, the most likely reviews to be seen at the top of a Spot page’s list are, appropriately, reviews appreciated by the community-at-large, written recently by well-established site users.

If a relatively older review is high on a Spot’s list, then it simply indicates that the quality of its content has offset the ravages of time, and that nothing deemed better by the community has been posted since.

The default ordering of Reviews on any given Spot page is by “weight”, though Users can choose to select alternate ordering criteria, such as rating or date.