Any business located in Vietnam may post an ad to the Jobs section of TNH. This is a free service that is designed to help job hunters and businesses in the process of hiring find one another in Vietnam.

To use this one, free ad, the job ad poster must clearly identify their company in the text of their ad (company / brand name, location of the job, contact info), and the account used to post the ad must be registered to a verifiable company representative.  To learn more about this, click here.

Any business looking to post multiple ads will need an Upgrade to make this possible.  Businesses with a Business Upgrade or a Food & Beverage Upgrade get the following benefits:

  • Upgraded businesses may have up to five active ads on the site at any given time.

  • The ads of Upgraded businesses appear first in the list before all other free ads that have been posted.

  • The ads of Upgraded businesses are highlighted, include the company’s logo, and a blurb from the ad they have posted.
If you are interested in upgrading your Spot so that additional ads can be posted and highlighted in the Jobs Section, please contact us at
Additionally, it is important to note the following:

  • The TNH jobs section is only for open positions in Vietnam.   However, if you are intent on getting your ad content for a position outside of Vietnam into the TNH jobs section, you can consider purchasing banner advertising for it.  Contact for more details.
  • TNH jobs section is only for open positions. Individuals seeking employment may not post their availability there. Likewise, individuals offering services may not post ads in the TNH Jobs section. If you are seeking employment, you may create a Classifieds ad for yourself. If you are a service provider, use the “Add a Spot to the Directory” link in the footer of the site to give yourself a proper listing.
  • To ensure optimum effectiveness of your job ad make sure that your business has been entered into TNH business directory. You can do this by clicking on the “Add a Spot to the Directory” link in the footer of any site page or by clicking on the “Add a Spot” link on the Top Spots page. Once your business is formally listed, you will now be able to link to its Spot page in your Job ad. To do this, simply select your Spot from the drop down menu when entering “Company Name” in your job ad.

  • Please do not place duplicate ads on the site.  Duplicate ads only serve to annoy our site users and reduce the section's overall usefulness.  Even if you have paid for upgraded service on TNH Vietnam, please understand that we will remove all duplicate ads.