How can I advertise in the Classifieds section?

Business owners who would like to post in the very active TNH classifieds section have a couple of options.  The section contains two primary banner ad placements.  Each of these is available for sale to help you promote your goods and services. Contact a TNH representative to learn more.

You'll also note that Classifieds ads are accompanied by TNH Offers just below each ad.  These are posted by businesses with Business Upgrades   If you'd like to see your content appearing here, contact us at

However, aside from banner ads, we do not allow businesses to post ads in the Classifieds section.  This section is strictly for individuals who are acting independently from any company or business they may work for or own.  We do not allow businesses to conduct their activity in the section or use their branded account to post there.

If a business owner needs to use the Classifieds section for something unrelated to their business, we recommend that they do so with a personal, non-branded account and make absolutely no mention of the business.  This doesn’t mean that businesses can conduct business in the section covertly, but rather, acknowledges that business owners and managers may have person reasons to use the section independent of their respective businesses.

If TNH repsresentatives find that a business is using the section for its regular, commercial affairs, the ad will be deleted and the account used to post the ad possibly banned.

If you think your business would benefit from advertising in the Classifieds section via a banner ad or by posting TNH Offers with a Business Upgrade  please contact us at  We’ll send a site representative to meet with you.