Did you know that TNH offers free advertising and service upgrades to NGOs and Charities?  It’s true.  We can help you promote your activities, advise you on fundraising, and even help you find strategic commercial partners.

If you have a charity event you’d like TNH to help you promote, contact us at support@tnhvietnam.com.

TNH has a long standing policy of supporting NGO and charity activity in Vietnam.  There are several ways that TNH will work with your organization to help see your activities become more successful.

First, you need to make sure that your organization has been successfully listed on TNH.  You can begin by checking the NGO / Charity category to see if you are already present.  If you aren’t, take a few minutes to give yourself a listing.

Once you have a listing, contact us and let us know which account you would like to use to administrate your Spot page   We recommend setting up a dedicated account just for this purpose and not using a personal account.  Make sure the account is registered with an email address accessible by anyone you want administrating your page, but only by those you want with such access.

We will then give you a pro bono Upgrade of your Spot page that will give you a variety of administrative and networking tools.

Next, be sure to keep the TNH team up-to-date on any big events you have on the horizon.  If you take all the necessary steps  we can help your event get more publicity in one of our twice-monthly newsletters.

Finally, TNH also offers to help promote charity events by offering organizations like your own free banner space on the site.  Create a banner for your event and send it to us.  We’ll put it up in any unsold space we have at that time.

  • Banners should be 300x250 pixels, 220×440 pixels, or 940×120 pixels.  All dimensions noted are width x height.

  • jpeg or .gif files are preferred, and keep the file size under 100kb (to ensure your banner displays correctly in all browsers).

  • When ready, email them to info@tnhvietnam.com with the url of the page click should be redirected to.
In return for these efforts made by TNH, it is appreciated if your organization can reciprocate by listing us as a media partner for an any specific event we help you with and on your own website with a link back to us.  You can find all the necessary artwork and information to do this here.

If you have any further questions about how to get your organization on TNH, please contact us at support@tnhvietnam.com.