Currently owned and operated by the American and British founded company, Xemzi, Ltd.  TNH was originally started in the spring of 2005 by Elliott Price and Brady Fossenbell as The New Hanoian. It was a modest listings site with a few articles and reviews scattered here and there. It wasn’t really until Elliott and Brady met Tom Lancaster that the site began to take its current form. With Tom’s technical expertise in web development on board, a dynamic version of TNH (allowing user reviews and other contributions) arrived on the scene in October 2005. Brady returned to the U.S. that fall, and it has been Tom and Elliott’s project ever since.

Tom Lancaster is currently based out of Boston, MA  As the Director of Technology, Tom’s the guy we chain to a deck chair with his laptop until he can make sense of the bia induced plans we’ve committed ourselves to. The marvel of information management you see before you is his doing.

Elliott Price currently oversees the various on-the-ground management teams that represent TNH in the Vietnamese cities where we operate.  As the TNH Community Relations Director, he is also responsible for growing the presence of TNH among the English speakers of Vietnam and liaising with the business community.  Elliott is currently based out of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Additional design help has been provided by our good friends Julien and Julie over at Sunshine Open Solutions, and Vietnam Computing of Hanoi serves as Xemzi, Ltd’s local contract broker for Vietnam. In addition, TNH is represented by an ever-growing team of Vietnamese and expat talent who work to ensure that the site continues to be the premiere English language resource for Vietnam.

TNH Vietnam is represented in Vietnam by:

Vietnam Computing JSC
413/110 Hoang Quoc Viet
Cau Giay, Ha Noi