TNH began simply as a labor of love. There was a glaring need for improved web resources, and we thought we could give it a shot. As we developed, the project became bigger and bigger. At some point, we realized that in order to really give the English-speaking communities of Vietnam what they deserved, we’d have to devote ourselves to it full time. Knowing this, we began to work on ways in which it might support us financially.

We weren’t, however, interested in going for the quick and dirty ways that a site like this might usually try to cash in. To start profiting from this in a way that abused the trust of the community and undermined the open and honest tone the site has set would be contrary to all we have worked for. Thus, we’ve been diligent in setting up a monetization approach that allows local businesses to interact with the community at a commercial level without violating the most essential aspects of community. After years of working on it on a purely volunteer basis, 2009 saw the implementation of TNH’s monetization strategy. TNH sells a variety of service upgrades to business clients around the city, as well as some more traditional forms of advertising.

This increasing revenue stream has allowed the company to grow and move into the sorts of areas that only a well funded organization can consider. We continue to embody the “start-up” spirit that kept us going for many years of development, while newly available resources introduce us to new opportunities for growth.