Xemzi, Ltd. and TNH Vietnam are dedicated to protecting the privacy of those who choose to use our sites.  The following lays out our policies for the information collected by Xemzi, Ltd. in the course of users and business use of our sites.

This privacy policy may be subject to change without direct notification at any time.  We recommend you check in on this page and note its changes periodically.  Your voluntary use of any Xemzi, Ltd. site acts as a confirmation of your understanding of these terms and agreement with them.

These privacy policy terms were most recently updated on September 16th, 2012.

Information Collection

We may collect:

  • Names, email addresses, demographic data
  • IP Addresses and site access day/time
  • Site usage patterns and content posting/consumption tendencies
  • Patterns of private messaging with regards to rates, content, and sender/recipient information

Information Use

The information may be used for:

  • Moderation of site content and evaluating compliance with the our Terms of Service.
  • Evaluating site performance and working to optimize its effectiveness.
  • Providing aggregate site membership and usage information to current and potential advertisers.
  • Cooperating with local and international authorities in cases of criminal investigation.
  • Contacting the site member via newsletters and updates on site functionality.  All newsletter will provide “opt-out” buttons that remove the user from future mails of that sort.
Privacy Security
Xemzi, Ltd. and all of its sites are committed to the security of your personal content and identity.  All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that such information remains private.

If a Xemzi, Ltd. site member or user attempts to undermine the privacy of a Xemzi, Ltd. site member, steps will be taken to deal with such Terms of Service violations in a timely manner once the infraction has been brought to the attention of site administrators.

Users and members of Xemzi, Ltd. sites understand that it is their responsibility to only access the site via a trusted and secure internet connection and maintain the security of their account password at all times.

Xemzi, Ltd. is in no way responsible for the public revelation of the identity or private content of a site user when said site user’s own public posting to a Xemzi, Ltd. site makes said user’s identity or content public.  Xemzi, Ltd. is not obligated to make efforts to attempt to retroactively restore a user’s privacy in cases where said user’s own actions have brought about their identity or content being made public.

Xemzi, Ltd. agrees to never sell your personal information to third parties without your permission, though it may use your information as part of aggregate presentations of site usage and membership statistics to current and potential advertisers.

Use of Cookies
Xemzi, Ltd. websites make use of cookies, small data files placed on the computer hard drive of Xemzi, Ltd. site visitors.

These files are used to store site visitor information, including information about user identity and site usage patterns.  Ensuring the security of these files on the actual computer of the site visitor or user is the responsibility of that user/visitor.

The information used in these files allow Xemzi, Ltd. to customize a site visitors experience of Xemzi, Ltd. websites and provide a more effective site experience.
Any user who does not want cookies to be used during their use of Xemzi, Ltd. sites has the responsibility to use a web browser that allows the modification of cookies permissions and to set up their own cookies use setting accordingly.