You may notice that the reviews on a Spot page are not in chronological order. By default we order reviews by how influential they are. That is a measure of the reviewer’s influence combined with the influence of other users who propped the review positively or negatively. Influence decays over time so an older review will be less influential than one from last week.

In order to give new reviews their moment in the spotlight we leave new reviews at the top of the review list for 10 days. After that they are ordered by influence.

Ordering by influence is simply the default way we order reviews. If you want to order them differently you’ll find a drop-down control that allows you to order by

  • default (as described above)
  • weight – as above, except that new reviews don’t appear at the top necessarily
  • date – by review date
  • rating – by the number of stars given
Simply choose your preferred ordering and click “Sort” to change the way reviews are ordered.

If you have any additional questions, please send them to