TNH Vietnam is fundamentally driven by user contributions. Accordingly, we do not in any way want to to stifle opinion or limit your sense of expression. However, there are some basic considerations we all have to take into account.

This is a community with a wide variety of perspectives and attitudes. It is important to be respectful to all who are active in that community. Your posts should show respect to other community members. Unnecessarily profane or confrontational content is not appropriate here. Culturally insensitive comments will not be tolerated as well.

Living abroad can be a frustrating experience at times, but this is not the place to come and vent. Make your opinions known in a well-informed and responsible manner, and you’ll always be welcome. Come here looking for payback for that bad week you’ve had, and you may be asked to leave. While there’s no one way to write a great review, we do offer some basic guidelines for how to approach it:

  • Offer Context.  Be as clear and personal as possible in your reviews. Remember that saying a certain spot is “great” or “terrible” is of little value if other users have no way of gauging why you feel that way. Give personal, anecdotal information so that other people can decide if it’s something they might like to pursue further. Give people some context for your rating.

  • First-hand Experiences Only.  Do not post hearsay or second hand experience as your own review. We understand that you may not want to patronize a business due to the experience that one of your friends has had, but it’s important that you keep your own reviews based on what you’ve seen and done. Encourage a friend to sign up and write a review of their experiences if it’s something important for the community to know. Once people start adding hearsay and and second hand info, things spin out of control quite quickly.

  • The Good with the Bad.  Offer both the good and the bad you know about Hanoi. This isn’t a Hanoi PR site. A great many of us enjoy our lives here (or we wouldn’t be here any longer), but that certainly isn’t to say that the experience is flawless. In fact, documenting the rough experiences we’ve gone through can help others avoid similar mistakes. We can also steer people in the right direction, allowing businesses and organizations that operate effectively to enjoy greater success.

  • Avoid Arguments and Discussions.  Don’t use the review pages as a place to carry on an argument. We have no problem with people having fun with the reviews or referencing other people’s opinions about a place, but it will not be allowed to degenerate to the level of back-and-forth attacks by users. If you feel the need to call somebody out on something, please do so by appropriately rating their review and using the private messaging system for more extensive exchanges. Remember that the review pages are not a general forum. Keep the content on topic.

  • Use Full Disclosure Where Necessary.  Don’t anonymously review or provide content about a spot you have a personal/financial relationship with. If you own or work at a spot that you’d like to give your opinion on, that is perfectly fine. Simply make it clear in the review or comment what your relationship is. People will respect that as the opinion of a person close to the situation. If it is well-written, it can be of great help. On the other hand, trying to covertly review your own place rarely works out. Our users are not idiots. If they suspect someone is shilling for themselves, subsequent user reviews are frequently ruthless, whereas places with honest and modest reputations are more likely to get the benefit of the doubt. If you are business owner and you’d like to publicly reply to a review, The New Hanoian has functionality in place to allow you to do that without having to rate your place. It is free to any business owner, so don’t risk the P.R. nightmare of reviewing yourself. Contact us about getting your free admin access to you page set up.

  • One Review per Spot.  We limit site users to one posted review per Spot.  If you would like to update your review or change it entirely, you have a couple of options.  1) You can delete your previous review and post a new one.  This may be recommended when a lot of time has passed or you are wholly changing your stance on a place.  However, please note that excessive deletion and reposting of reviews about a single place may lead site users to suspect you are just trying to get undue attention for your opinion at the expense of others.  Don't overdo it.  2) Use the edit link next to the review.  The button to edit an existing review looks like a small pencil.  This will allow you to make any changes to the text or rating of the review without actually posting a new one. 

  • Pay Attention to Location.  When reviewing a Spot with multiple locations, make sure you are posting your content to the correct one.  Also, if you wish to review multiple locations of a single business, each review for each location must be unique and location dependent.  Copying and pasting the same review to each location is not going to be acceptable, and all but the first one posted will be removed.  Each review of each additional location must make it clear that the specific review being posted is for that specific location.  It is also unacceptable to just post links to a review of another location as your “new” review.

  • No Self-Touting.  Don't use the review space to tout your own business or venture.  The use of branded account is explicitly forbidden, but reviews that are clearly being used as backdoor methods of promoting another outside venture will also be pulled.  We used to let these slide, but numerous less-than-scrupulous businesses used this as a convenient way to constantly plug their businesses on the pages of others.  To be consistent and to keep the site able to be effectively moderated, we ask that you stick to the business being reviewed.

  • Do more than share links.  While we understand the need to bring relevant outside media content to the attention of the TNH community, any links which are posted to outside articles must be done in the context of an actual review.  The link, along with, “look what I found,” isn’t sufficient.  Such a post will be removed as a non-review incorrectly posted in the review section.   This means that just find the article about a place somewhere online isn’t sufficient reason for writing a “review.”  Like any review, you still need to have firsthand experience with the business in question and relate those experiences in your review.
If you have a question about a review you're considering posting or concerns about one already on the site, feel free to contact us at