Here on TNH, we have several features built in to discourage abusive activity. Some businesses might be inclined to sign up for accounts to talk up their own place or slag on competitors. We’ve made this relatively ineffective by giving each user a different impact on a business’ overall rating according to the overall contributions they’ve made to the site and how the community has responded to those reviews.

Users who have done little on the site will see that their review stars start off as yellow. This means that they have not yet contributed enough to pass the threshold where their reviews start effecting a business’ overall rating in a mathematically significant way.   However, if site users respond in an overwhelmingly positive manner to a yellow-starred review, their clicking of the Well-WrittenFunnyUseful, and Accurate, links beneath the review may boost its significance until it is changed to red stars.

When a site user has red stars by default, you know they have been around the site for a while and are having a more significant effect.  That said, even a well known reviewer who starts off with their review displaying the telltale red stars can see it drop back to yellow.  If what they post is far out of step with what the rest of the community believes to be fair and reliable, then the negative feedback the community gives the review in the form of Meh and Fail! props will lower the reviews mathematical significance.  If it lowers far enough, you’ll see it go yellow.

It is important to note, however, that the strength or weight or a reviewer or review cannot be simplified down to yellow or red.  These are simply basic indicators of the most minimal of thresholds.  Reviews are users both are actually on a long sliding scale of mathematical significance.

Both site users and reviews see their relative strengths go up and down based on how the community at large responds to their posts and they both go down over time.  Without new activity to increase their significance, they each slowly decay with time.