Spots are TNH’s way of giving businesses, organizations, and physical destinations a reviewable form on the site.  Each Spot comes complete with a variety of identifying characteristics and information, including its address, phone number, email & web addresses, its location on the map, its description, tags, photos, and how it is categorized on the site.  Once a Spot is entered, any customer who has visited the Spot may Review it, add it as a Favorite, organize Events at it, or post Spot Tips.

The categories used allow us to organize a large number of spots into easy to locate lists in a ranked order based on user reviews.  These lists, where the top ranked Spots appear at the beginning of the list, are called our Top Spots.  The Top Spots page displays the top ten rated Spots for each main category on the site.  However, users can easily navigate downward to view the top rated Spots in any number of sub-categories.A Spot gets its rating from use reviews, though a number of different factors are taken into account when determining how those reviews are aggregated to arrive at the Spot’s rating.

If a business is not yet entered into the site, any site user can enter it as a Spot directly themselves.  Once the Spot is entered, it will begin in an Unverified state.  Following a verification visit by a TNH representative, the spot will be changed to Verified and given its full visibility on Spot category pages.