Any registered member of TNH can enter a new business, organization, or physical location as a new Spot.  This is one of the most powerful and exciting parts about TNH membership.  Nearly any place in and around Hanoi that you have experience with can be entered and reviewed.  To enter a new Spot, you can either look for the Add a Spot to the Directory link in the footer of any site page, or you can go to the Top Spots page and look for this:

Click on it.Once you have done that, you will be taken to the Spot entry screen.  On this page, you can add all the essential information about the Spot you have chosen to enter.  Here are some tips about all the essential things you’ll be entering:

  • Spot Name: This should be pretty simple, but many manage to mess it up.  Just keep it simple.  Put the business’ name here and don’t add a bunch of description or the address.  If the business is one of many in a chain with the same name, you can add the street name in parenthesis after the name “Business Name (Street Name)”.  This will differentiate it from the other locations in the chain.
  • Phone #: Enter a single phone number for the business.  Due to the way in which our mobile application uses this information for direct dialing capability, only a single number should be entered here.  If the business has multiple numbers they want listed, they can add them to their description.
  • Email: Just as with the phone number, limit this to a single working email address.
  • URL: Add the business’ website address here if they have one.  Adding the address of a “planned” website (i.e. one that is not yet up and working) only makes the business seem unprofessional.  It can always be added later if it is not yet working.
  • Address: Add the full building number and street name of the address here.  There is no need to add district and city information in this field, as there are other fields that handle that directly.
  • City: Select the city of Spot you are entering.
  • District: Enter the district for the Spot.
  • Directions: Use this space to give simple and concise instructions on how to find you business.  As we all know, the numbered street address of a place in Vietnam may not be the greatest aid in finding it.  Help the reader out.
  • Map Point: Indicate the position of your Spot on the map.  We recommend that you zoom in so that the placing of your map point can be precise.  Please note that to move a map point you have incorrectly placed, you need to first click on the map point to make it disappear.  Then, you can replace it.  Clicking and dragging the map point will not result in a changed map point location.
  • Short Description: Enter an informed and concise description of what the Spot you have entered is and does.  Try to keep the description objective and non-judgmental.  You can give you opinion about the business in your review.
  • Tags: Enter a group of keywords (separated by commas) that you feel are important in characterizing this Spot.  These words will be used to help future site seekers locate the Spot as well as in linking this Spot to other related entities around the site.  To learn more about tags, click here.
  • Categories: Choose the most appropriate category and sub-categories for the Spot you are entering.  Categorizing it appropriately is an essential part of making it accessible to future site users.  If you feel the site lacks the proper category for the Spot you are entering, contact us and suggest a new category.

Once you have completed the Spot entry form, you will be asked to add some photos.  If you have photos of the spot you are creating, feel free to enter them.  If you do not have photos, you can skip this step and TNH representatives or the Spot’s owner will add them in the future.

Finally, you will be presented with an opportunity to review the Spot you have created.  If you are a customer of this Spot with personal experiences you can relate to the TNH community, we’d love to hear what you have to say.  Go right ahead with your review.  If you are unsure about posting a review, have a look at our review guidelines.

If, however, you are the owner, manager, or employee of the Spot you have just entered, it is highly recommended that you do not review the Spot you have created.  Instead, we recommend you consult the Business Owners’ Guide and contact us to set up a verification visit.