When a member of the community enters a new business, it does not immediately appear on the category pages. It is, however, entered into the site.A Spot entered by the general community begins its TNH life as an Unverified Spot.  Unverified means that while it is present in a reviewable form on the site, a TNH representative has not yet had a chance to visit the Spot in person or contact the Spot’s ownership to confirm that the essential details on the Spot’s page are correct.(It is importnat to note that TNH representatives do not verify the content of reviews, but only the basic contact info, location, and categorization of the business entered.  Reviews are, as always, the copyrighted opinions and views of our site members.)

While a Spot is waiting to be verified, it is visible and accessible via site search. However, it will not be fully listed on category pages and eligible for “Top Spot” ranking until a TNH representative has had time to go out and verify the essential details of the entry.

If you are a business owner who would like to schedule a verification visit for your Spot, please contact us at support@tnhvietnam.com to set up a day and time.