When a Spot listed on TNH goes out of business, we do not simply delete it from the database.  Rather, we change it spot status from Verified to Defunct.

When changing a Spot to Defunct, it is removed from all Spot category lists and will not show up in simple search results on TNH.  It is accessible in two other ways, however.  One can find by using the Advanced Search page on TNH, or by using Google.

TNH takes this approach business closures and their past listings for a couple reasons:

  1. Vietnam is quickly changing place and there is a ton of dated information floating around.  We want to give an information seeker every opportunity get get definitive answers about whether something continues to exist or not.  If we just deleted a listing, that information seeker would be unsure if they business no longer exists, or if it has just not yet been entered into TNH.  With the Defunct Spot status, the information seeker can clearly see that the business in questions did exist, it was entered into TNH, and it has now gone out of business.
  2. Old businesses are frequently referenced by TNH community members in sections like Ask ANH and in the discussion boards of the Groups section.  Making these now Defunct businesses accessible vis Advanced Search allows interested parties to look back at the photos and reviews of these oft referenced entities.

If you know of a business that has closed but has not yet had its status changed to Defunct, please contact us at support@tnhvietnam.com to let us know.  We’ll make the necessary updates.