Ask ANH stood for “Ask A New Hanoian” when we were solely a Hanoi site, but it also has a lovely second meaning since “Anh” means older brother in Vietnamese…a person one would often expect to get advice from in Vietnam.

Ask ANH is our Question & Answer Forum that serves as something like a community generated FAQ on all things Vietnam. This is where you go when Vietnam has just left you baffled. More times than not, somebody (or several somebodies) in the TNH community will have your answer. It’s a fairly open format, but there are a few things to keep in mind before -getting started:

  • Make sure you actually have a question about Vietnam before posting. Remember, this is not a general discussion board. Come here to get specific questions about Vietnam answered.

  • Even though we now no longer strictly prohibit duplicate questions, we still recommend you search for the topic of your question before posting.  With 5,000+ questions asked an more than 40,000 answers provided, there are very few topics which haven’t been covered already.  Posting to an existing thread brings that older post to the top of the Ask ANH list of threads.  Regular site users will happily update those threads when updated information is available.  While it is acceptable to post a new thread, you may find that the community response is more productive when a previous thread is engaged.

  • Maintain a responsible and culturally sensitive tone. Remember that you are in a foreign country where attitudes can be remarkably different from your own upbringing. While we advise caution and common sense in dealing with just about any issue on Ask A.N.H., there are two topics that must be mentioned specifically as likely to lead to trouble in Vietnam: Politics and Sex. Keep all political discussion at at minimum. Whatever our own feelings about any particular country’s political situation, a degree of respect must be given to its people and how they have chosen to deal with their own issues. Polarizing political discussion has many homes on the web, but, for now, this is not one of them. Likewise, keep all sexually explicit language and content off these pages. Vietnam, and Hanoi in particular, is still a very conservative country when it comes to sexual mores. Public discussions deemed lewd are not tolerated.

  • When answering questions, stay on topic. Remember that people come here to get questions answered, and many future site visitors will find the various threads you’ve posted to. It’s OK to have a sense of humor in your answers, just make sure that they are actual answers. Excessive, off topic banter between users results in threads that are either too long or too convoluted to serve any useful purpose going forward. Posts that turn into conversations between users not related to the original question will be removed, so make sure your witty repartee is in the context of something relevant to the original post. Stay on point, folks.

  • Ask A.N.H. was originally conceived of solely as a Q&A Forum. That remains its sole function. People can go there to get questions answered. However, we did once open up the section for more general discussion. We did this with some trepidation, as there seemed to be no end of the number of expat discussion forums where people did little more than whinge and moan about their lives. While we wanted no part of that, we thought we might be able to moderate a limited amount of discussion. We were wrong. In June of 2010, the decision was once again made to eliminate Ask A.N.H. Discussions. Some of the threads that led to this decision can still be found in Ask A.N.H., but they are not open for further discussion. Ask A.N.H. is NOT a discussion forum. It never will be again. All questions asked in this section must be sincere, answerable queries. Veiled rants and disingenuous attempts to spark highly emotive and confrontational exchanges will be removed. Likewise, those who choose to answer questions on Ask A.N.H. will do so in a manner that respects the questioner, however trivial their question may seem to a more experienced resident of the city.

  • Do not post Job, Housing, or Classified ads here. We have separate sections for those things. Please post them there.

  • Do not use the Ask ANH pages to tout your business in either question or answer form. We provide ample ways for businesses to gain exposure on The New Hanoian. Posting your business information in Ask ANH is only going to get the community upset and damage your reputation. If you feel that your existing entry is insufficient for your needs, contact the TNH sales department:

  • Anyone who works for or in any way represents a given business should not use a branded user account in the Ask ANH section. A “branded” user account refers to any account where the business name is in the username of the account or where a logo of the business is used for the avatar. Anyone is free to sign up for a personal account to ask and answer questions in Ask ANH (and including where you work on your profile is not problem), but please refrain from doing so in a way that broadcasts your business affiliation. Posting with such branded accounts will be considered spamming. Posts will be deleted, and the accounts risk being banned.