TNH Classifieds is a space for users to advertise goods and services to the wide TNH community.

Users are allowed to post a single ad per week in any given Classifieds section subcategory.  This restriction of a single post per week per subcategory was implemented for a variety of reasons.  Before implementing this restriction, the Classifieds section was plagued by a persistent group of users who posted their ads over and over (sometimes dozens of times) in order to get more exposure for their ads.  Even in cases where some only had one ad on the site, they may delete and repost so frequently that regular users of the site would see their content pushed down the list into relative obscurity in less than a day.  This was both an annoyance to the vast majority of our site users and a nightmare to try and moderate.

In the end, we settled on allowing users to post a single ad per subcategory each week.  While this may prove inconvenient to some who were accustomed to warping the section to their own ends on a regular basis, it has be a stabilizing influence in the section for the vast majority.

As with any other online Classifieds listing service, we also have some guidelines that we ask all members to abide by.

  • Jobs. The advertising of available positions in Vietnam has a specific section dedicated to it on TNH. At the far right hand side of the site header, you will find a link for it, as will you in the footer of the site. Please post all job ads in this section.  The only work related ads that can be posted are for freelancers being hired by private individuals.  No companies may post in the Classifieds.

  • Housing. The advertising of available properties (even individual rooms) in Vietnam has a specific section dedicated to it on TNH. At the far right hand side of the site header between “Jobs” and “Classifieds”, you will find a link for Housing, as will you in the footer of the site. Please post all housing ads in this section.

  • Looking for Roommates. While posts by individuals looking for roommates were previously allowed in Classifieds, we have now made several changes to the site that have led to our decision to direct all Housing related posts elsewhere.  While we have the Housing section for those generally looking for a residence (including the ability to search specifically for a room in shared house), and we have the ability for users to post the details of what they are looking for via a Housing Request, we also have the Hanoi Roommate Pool for those individuals who are hoping to find fellow housing seekers who want to band together to find a place.  Please join that group and post your information there. Once you’ve found roommates and have moved on to finding a place to live, simply remove yourself from the group and you’ll receive no further updates from it.

  • Housing Requests. If you are looking for a property to rent, we now have a Housing Requests form that you can fill in. A link to this can be found at the bottom of any Housing section list of properties. Click on the “Can’t find what you’re looking for? ” link and fill in the information. This will create a Housing Request entry that is sent to all the Housing companies that New Hanoian works with. Your username will NOT be revealed, and any contact information you provide will be strictly voluntary. You can also decide to exclude any agency you may have previously had contact with and do not want to work with (or one whose reputation is such that you find it inadvisable to deal with them).  If you are looking for a house or flat to share, then we recommend you use the search box at the top of the Housing page. When doing so, please be sure to select “Room” as the property type. Usually there are a couple dozen such share opportunities available. If you still cannot find what you are looking for in a shared house, we recommend you visit the Hanoi Roommate Pool group and post your information there.

  • Business Information. TNH Classifieds is only for individuals who do not have established businesses and are advertising goods or services that do not constitute a primary source of income. They are for small, side transactions between private individuals and specifically not for businesses or anything that could be seen as business activity.  TNH has many other ways for businesses to make their information available and to promote their activities. Please see the Business FAQ section for more information.

  • Events.  TNH has a specific section devoted to events that are occurring in Hanoi. There are three possible ways in which an event might be posted. These can be found elsewhere in the User FAQ.  If you are a business owner and wish to post a commercial event, please contact us at If you would like to see a non-commercial event posted but feel that it does not warrant the creation of a Group for the purposes of ongoing activities, please contact us at

  • Sensitive Content.  While we are not in any way excited about restricting content, we must take it seriously. Please note the following:  All sexually explicit content will be removed. If you feel you need to discuss a sexual matter, use a great deal of tact. Cultural discussions of local religious practices may be posted, but no criticism of said practices or evangelism of any sort will be tolerated. Likewise, discussion of the state of religious tolerance or of various religious groups’ relationship to the state is not allowed. On the issue of politics, proceed with caution. Practical discussions of how to operate within this particular society’s eccentricities of process may be tolerated, but any time the discussion slips into evaluation of said process, expect it to be pulled.

TNH Classifieds are a free community service that need to be equally available to all who use TNH. Your following of these guidelines is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about this or your general classifieds section usage, please send them to