The Housing section is the our attempt to provide a single, concise place where residence seekers, landlords, and property agents can all post and access information important to the rental process. It has gone through various incarnations and variations in its time on the site, and it is likely to change in the future as well. For now this is how it works:

Posting a property. Anyone can post a single property in the Housing section for free in any 30-day period.  We welcome landlords to directly post their available residences and work directly with prospective tenants in this manner. All one has to do is sign up for a TNH account, go to the Housing section, and click on:

The ad will then remain in the Housing section for 30 days, or until the original ad poster removes it. It is important to note, however, that individuals are limited to the posting of a single Housing ad. Attempts to sign up for multiple accounts to post additional ads is not acceptable. All such ads will be removed and the accounts that posted them, banned. An individual with the need to post more than a single property is considered either an agent or a high volume landlord who needs to work within the commercial real estate options on the site. Only a single ad is free for any community user. If you have multiple ads that you need to post, then contact site admins at

Boost Your Ad.  If you have a single ad up that you feel isn’t getting enough attention, give some thought to purchasing a higher position in the Housing list with our Boosts.  Click here to read more about these very cost effective ways of increase the attention your ad gets.

If you post an ad and choose to remove it before it automatically expires (30 days), please note that you will not be able to immediately repost it.  Your account can only post one free ad in any given 30-day period.  Attempting to register a new account to bypass this restriction is prohibited and may result in your being banned.  Please don’t do this.  There are better ways at your disposal.

The role of housing agents. Housing agents, on the whole, are an unpopular lot in Vietnam. Many of them conduct business in a manner that is less than transparent and honest. Some then wonder why we work with agents in the manner we do. Here are the reasons:

  1. While many, many agents wholly deserve the reputation they have been assigned, there are also plenty who are less the embodiment of Lucifer that some would suggest. Agents can play an important role in the housing search, and many, many, many people in Vietnam successfully find housing through such agents. While it is possible to have a Vietnamese friend walk one through the process and exclusively use local channels of information for this search, some individuals do not have this option. Agents can provide the necessary local knowledge and language skills for such circumstances. The fact is, agents aren’t going anywhere.

  2. Before we explicitly worked with them on this site, they were present in the Housing section under dozens of different usernames, posting ads with little or no indication as to their business affiliation or true identity. The fact is, they dominated the Housing section even more than they do now, but few realized it. We made a policy change that limited their posting unless they purchased an upgraded account to post multiple ads under their agency name. This provided TNH with a revenue source, but of equal importance for site users, it also meant that agents would now be forced to post under their business name. Agency ads are clearly designated. Any wrong doing on the part of an agency can result in a review that all future ads they post will be linked to. The added transparency is crucial, but it only works if people review their agency experiences. Review your agents!

  3. Revenue. A site with the size and sophistication of TNH is not cheap to operate. It is a full time job for those who started the site, and technical and staffing expenses are not insignificant. The fact is that without consistent revenue streams, this site could not exist. The Housing section is one of those business areas where TNH has helped to facilitate a great many transactions that collectively amount to large sums of money. We’ve attempted to monetize this section in a manner that provides useful tools for businesses without undermining the trust that our community of users have in the site. We feel like we have done a solid job of this, and the revenue generated by the section is essential for the site’s ongoing existence.

Looking for roommates or a place in a shared residence. One of the property types that a housing ad poster can select is “Room”. This is the recommended property type for those who are advertising an opening in their already rented property (be it a flat or a house). If you have an opening and need a new tenant, this is how you post it. Likewise, those individuals who are looking for a place in a shared residence can head to the Housing section and search the posted ads with the property type of “Room” specified. This will show them only those ads in shared residences. In addition, there is a Group called the Roommate Pool where those looking for shared residences can post their availability and network with other room seekers (possibly to rent a whole place among a group of them). If you have an opening, have a look in there as well.

Seeking a residence. There are two primary ways to find a residence on TNH:

  1. First, have a look at the listed ads. Make ample use of the search box that is at the top of the page. Scrolling through 400-500 ads simply isn’t practical. With the search box you can narrow down the number of ads in the list by specifying what exactly you’d like in a residence. You can narrow the list by price range, location, or the actual facilities present in the residence.

  2. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, we also have a Property Request feature that you can make use of. At the bottom of any Housing section list page, you will see a box prompting you to enter what you are looking for. This then generates a request that is sent to all of the agencies that use the TNH on a commercial basis. No personal information need be offered in this request. It can remain a completely anonymous query where agents may only reply to you via private message within the site, or you can choose to send them your contact information. It’s up to you. Once you think that you have a list of available properties that you are interested in, you can begin meeting with the agents in person.

Offer feedback. It is essential that those using the Housing section who end up dealing with one of the listed agents review those agencies. Whether your experience is positive or negative, review your agent. This not only shares valuable information with your fellow community members, but also provides the necessary incentives and disincentives for agencies to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Without your public feedback, they may get the impression that they are operating in an anonymous bubble without consequences for their actions. In that sort of circumstance, the financial incentives of any given deal are going to carry the day. Their conduct will suffer. Take the time to write about what you experience and sway their future actions in a direction that will help us all.