All members of the TNH website are allowed a single, free Housing ad.  If more ads are needed, then a user needs a Housing Upgrade.

If you are actively involved in the real estate field, Housing upgrades allow you to post multiple ads .  Purchasers of a Housing Upgrade are allowed up to 25 active Housing ads.  This is a high volume, professional way to get your available properties in front of the residence-seeking visitors of TNH.

Landlords and property managers who need more than a single, free Housing ad, but who do not need a full 25 active ads can consider our Housing Upgrade Lite.  This Upgrade comes with 10 active Housing ads.

To speak to a TNH site representative about getting a Housing Upgrade, contact us at

It is important to note, however, that any attempt to circumvent the “single free ad” Housing restriction by singing up for multiple accounts will be interpreted by site admins as an attempt to Spam the site.  This will result in all ad being removed and all accounts banned.