Boosts are a way for TNH Vietnam site users to get their ads greater attention and increase their effectiveness.

When an ad is boosted, it appears before all non-boosted ads in any list of ads where it appears.  Additionally, any given ad may be boosted more than once.  Ads with multiple Boosts appear before those with fewer Boosts.

Ads with the same number of Boosts appear chronologically based on when they were entered (the most recently entered ads appearing first).

Boosts may be added to any given ad entered by a site user.  However, once a given Boost has been assigned to an ad, it may not be transferred or refunded (in part or wholly).  The Boost remains active until the ad is deleted by the user or it automatically expires (30 days after the entry of the ad, not the purchase or assigning of the Boost).

In order to boost your ad or ads:

1)  Purchase ad Boosts.  These can be purchased by opening the edit screen of any given ad you have entered into the TNH Vietnam site.  If you do not yet have one entered, click on the link to enter an ad.  On the ad entry/edit screen, you’ll find a link to purchase Boosts.   Once you click on this link, you’ll be taken to a product page on the payment platform utilized by TNH Vietnam (  Decide whether you’ll be purchasing a single Boost or a discounted package of 10 or 25 Boosts.  Enter your credit card or PayPal information, and your selected Boosts will be assigned to you account upon completion of the purchase.

2) Assign Boosts.  Now, when you open an edit or entry screen for the ad of your choosing, you’ll see the available number of Boosts for that ad at the top of the page.  Select how many you want assigned to the given ad, make sure all the ad content is correct, and submit the ad.  You’ll now find your ad’s positioning enhanced relative to other ads in the section.

Now you’re on your way to optimizing your ads performance!  If you have any questions about this process or your ad’s display, please email us at

PLEASE NOTE:  Individuals or agencies who have been banned from using the TNH Vietnam website due to inappropriate conduct will NOT receive refunds for purchased Boosts if they register new accounts and purchase Boosts for them.  The accounts of these previously banned individuals or businesses may be shut down, the ads deleted, and the purchased boosts lost WITHOUT REFUND.

Any individual or business who feels that their previous banning is unfounded or wishes to appeal their ban can contact us at