Recruiting agencies located in Vietnam are welcome to post to the TNH Vietnam Jobs section, provided they are fully transparent in their ads.  To accomplish this, the following actions should be taken on TNH:

  1. Enter your agency into the TNH Vietnam business directory.  To learn more about how to create a "Spot," have a look at this page   When entering your agency, we recommend you list it in the Services >> Human Resources category.  
  2. When entering all Job ads, you must list yourself as the "Company Name" in the ad.  This will link the ad to your Spot page and allow prospective job seekers to determine whether or not they wish to work through your agency.  
  3. Be specific about the job you're recruiting for.  If you'd like to list the specific company you are placing the recruits in, you can enter it as part of the job description.
  4. Consider Upgrading your presence on TNH to get up to five active ads at any one time and have those ads gain far greater visibility at the top of the jobs section.

If you have questions about your Jobs section usage, please contact us at

if you'd like to Upgrade your presence on TNH, get in touch with a site representative at