Advertising an available room in a shared house is one of the most common uses of the TNH Housing section.  There are dozens of such ads up at any given time.  To make sure your ad gets the attention it deserves and doesn't run afoul of site moderators, have a look at the following bits of advise and site policies:

  • List it correctly.  A large number of available rooms end up virtually invisible on the site because they are incorrectly listed as House or Apartment instead of Room.  When selecting the Property Type, be sure to select room.  Of course your room is in a house or an apartment.  That is obvious.  One doesn't encounter many rooms floating free in space.  If you want all the room seekers on the site to find you, be sure to list yourself correctly.

  • Be detailed.  People don't want to waste time visiting places that simply aren't what they are looking for in some fundamental way.  List all the room specs, add photos, and explain who they will be living with.  It all matters to them.  Also, let them know what you expect of them.  

  • Avoid duplicates.  We know that everyone in the house wants the room filled so nobody's rent goes up, but posting a bunch of duplicate ads for the same room is only going to result in site moderators pulling all your ads.  You don't want that.  We don't want that.  If you get an ad pulled for being a duplicate, check with your housemates / flatmates and see if somebody is already advertising the room.  Duplicates annoy site users looking for a place, so we are quick to pull them.

  • How to list multiple rooms.  Occasionally more than one room is open in a single house.  Each room can have its own ad, if and only if, the rooms are priced differently.  If they are each the same price, you don't need more than one ad to advertise them.  Listing multiple ads for rooms with the same price in the same location is just going to result in our site users suspecting they are duplicate ads and annoy them.  Only use more than one ad if the ads are actually very different (different prices is an absolute minimum) and posted by different people.

  • Boost your ad!  We have developed a new, cost effective way for you to get your ad much, much more attention.  They are called Boosts   They place your ad at the top of the list before all non-boosted ads.  This results in far more eyes on your ad and far more calls about your room.  To learn more about Boosts, click here.