The Classifieds section is the most active part of the TNH Vietnam website and likely the most active English language Classifieds site in Vietnam.  To get the most out of it and avoid running afoul of the section's moderators, here are some tips and policies to keep in mind.

Buy/Sell: These are the most basic ads in the Classifieds, where private individuals go to move their personal belongings.

  • Businesses are absolutely prohibited from posting in the Classifieds, and this includes the buy/sell section.  One would think this is obvious, but we find the section under assault on a daily basis.  If you run a business in Vietnam, no items in any way relate to the business you do may appear in the Classifieds.  Moderators will delete them every time, even if you swear that they are just personal items.  Unfortunately, unethical businesses lie to us about these sorts of things all the time, so a blanket ban on related items has to be enforced.

  • You're limited to one ad per week in any given subcategory.  You're free to split up your items into multiple ads all appearing in their relevant space, but please make sure that the only items being advertised are those relevant to that subcategory.  Just reposting your ad in multiple subcategories to get it more attention or to circumvent the one-per-week restriction will just get your ads pulled.  Please don't do that.

  • As you sell things, keep your ads updated and eventually, delete them when the ad is no longer needed.  When you leave your ad up after your items are sold, we get complaints.  Persistent complaints of this sort are likely to lead the site moderators to view your posts with suspicion.  

  • If you are a business who wants to advertising in the Classifieds section, do not post ads.  We have several legitimate ways for your business to purchase exposure there without spamming our site users and creating ill will.  Banner Ads give you a great amount of exposure and Business Upgrades allow your TNH Offers to appear next to Classified ads.  Contact us at if you are looking to get your business attention here.

Lessons: This is where private teachers can announce their availability and be recruited by class seekers.
  • If you are looking to recruit students, be detailed and professional in your presentation.  Identify yourself clearly in the ad, as many parents and potential students worry about hiring a stranger off the internet.  They'd like to be able to check up on you by searching other online resources to see if you're a known teacher in Hanoi.

  • If you are looking to recruit a teacher, add "Wanted:" to the front of your ad to help it stand out from the others advertising teacher availability.  Also include all the details about your prospective class, including the student ages, skill level, hours per week, and likely pay.

  • If you are an education business or professional recruiter looking to hire a teacher, do not post your ads here.  Business post their vacancies in the Jobs section of the site.  If you need help getting more attention for your job vacancies, contact us at

Freelancers: This where individual service providers can announce their availability and be recruited.
  • For the purposes of TNH, freelancers are defined as any private individuals who are providing professional services independently from any company and who have not organized their own operations under a brand other than their own personal identity.  

  • If you are looking to recruit a freelancer, add "Wanted:" to the front of your ad to help it stand out from the others advertising availability.

  • If you are an service business or professional recruiter looking to hire an individual formally, do not post your ads here.  Business post their vacancies in the Jobs section of the site.  If you need help getting more attention for your job vacancies, contact us at

Personals: This is where site users can find kindred spirits for friendship, language exchange, or romance.
  • When posting dating oriented ads, use some tact.  The last thing TNH Vietnam wants to get involved with the policing private moral decisions being made between consenting adults.  Frankly, we don't care what you do with your time, nor with whom.  However, Vietnamese media law does require that we take an interest in the content of your ads.  To keep it simple: don't be sexually explicit.  There are plenty of ways you can say what you need to say and have it understood by your intended audience without offending the sensibilities of our site users or the Vietnamese authorities.  

  • Any attempts to use the section to solicit prostitution or advertise prostitution services will result in your ad being immediately pulled, your account banned, and all future ads banned as well.  Go elsewhere.  You're unwelcome here.

Community: This is a somewhat generic section where a variety of community service sections are present.   

  • Activities: People use this section to see if kindred spirits are around.  If the response is sufficient, the ad poster may move on to creating TNH Group or posting an Event.  In the early days, however, an ad here can see who all is out there and what the interest level is like.
  • Lost & Found: If you've lost or found something out on the town, this is where you post info on it.  You'd be surprised how quickly the lost can become the found in such a scenario.  
  • Charity/Donation: If you have a cause in Vietnam that you're a part of and want to let people know that they can donate, here is a good place to start.  We also have various other ways that TNH support NGOs and charities around Vietnam.  If you think your organization can benefit from what we do, drop us a line at
  • Animals/Pets: This is where you can give away animals to a loving home or let people know you're looking for a pet.  However, we do not allow the selling of animals on TNH.  Given the high volume of illegal animal trafficking and the degree to which they target our site, we have prohibited the selling of animals in any form.  If you have a pet you want to give away, by all means do so here.  
  • Musicians: If you play music or are looking for someone who does, this is a good way to find them.  Don't use the section to advertise your gigs playing out around town (there are Events for that).
  • Seeking Employment: Currently, the Jobs section doesn't have a Seeking Employment section (and is only for advertising vacancies).  Until then, seeking employment ads go here.  Eventually, this will all be moved to the Jobs section.
  • General: This is a miscellaneous category for those ads that don't fit in the other designated places.

It may seem like a lot of sections or rules, but it all boils down to a very simple principle: be respectful to your fellow site users and allow them the same opportunity to use and benefit from the site as your yourself are trying to take.

Please send any questions you have to