If the TNH Vietnam website is telling you that you are using an "Owner Account," then this means that the account your are signed into has claimed admin access to a Spot page and currently administrates that page. 

In an attempt to limit the amount of inadvertent (and intentional) spam the TNH Vietnam website receives, we do not let accounts who are actively managing TNH Vietnam Spots post in business-free areas of the site.

If the account you are signed into is managing a Spot page, then it will not be allowed to make the following posts:

  • Ask ANH Questions
  • Ask ANH Answers
  • Groups
  • Classifieds
  • Reviews
  • Tips
As each of these types of content are meant to be strictly business-free, we prevent accounts known to manage businesses from posting there.

So how can you post personal content unrelated to the management of your business?

We recommend users maintain separate accounts for their personal and business matters.  Set up a separate business account for the management of your Spot page (and other business-related work on the site) and use your other account for personal matters.

That said, be sure to only use your personal account for matter wholly unrelated to the business you're involved in.  If you use your personal account for things which could be interpreted as promoting your business in any way, site admins or moderators may interpret this as an attempt to spam the site or circumvent business posting restrictions.