We at TNH Vietnam understand that site users may occasionally need to operate more than one account.  This may be due to the need for anonymity when one's identity has become known through a previous account or due to a desire to keep the various activities one uses the site for separate.  Such use is welcome, provided that these multiple accounts are not used to circumvent other site posting restrictions, gain an unfair advantage over other Classifieds section posters, or to mislead the viewing public.  

The basic premise is very simple: respect your fellow site users.  Everyone wants their ads to get the attention they deserve.  Post your content, let it be seen, and let the ads of your fellow site users get an equal chance.  

However, many users of the Classifieds section either do not have this basic form of respect or feel that their actions (whatever they do) are inherently harmless.  Because of this, we have to take what is a very simple and easy principle and create specific guidelines for the section as a whole and for each individual category.

Additionally, there are specific ways that these section policies can be encroached upon when using multiple accounts.  We recommend you keep the following things in mind when using multiple accounts on TNH.

  • Do not use different accounts to post the same things in the Classifieds.  This is just simple duplicating of content, and it annoys site users.  Please don't do it.  We limit users to one ad per subcategory per week.  We believe that is a very reasonable limit.  Don't use a second account to get around that restriction.
  • Retiring an account and registering a new one to repost earlier than the seven day limit is not allowed.  If you've posted in a given subcategory, you'll need to wait seven days to do it again irrespective of what account you are using.
  • Repeated use of multiple accounts to bypass posting restrictions will be seen as an attempt to Spam the site.  If you ignore warnings to stop posting in such a manner, then all accounts will be shut down and all future site use banned.  We don't want to do that, so please avoid this situation.