Job ads on TNH can only be posted by official, verifiable company representatives.  Accordingly, any account used to post those ads must be registered to an email address we can look up and verify with that company.  There are two ways to do this:

  1. Use a proprietary company email address.  Really, this is what everyone should be doing.  When conducting official company business on the web, you should be using an address that demonstrates your affiliation with the company you work at.  An address in the form of,, or is the most professional approach and one we can immediately confirm.
  2. If you must us a more generic webmail account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc), then it is essential that this email address be listed on your company's website, Facebook page, or other verifiable online channel.  Don't just use some personal email address.  You're representing your company.  Do it right.
It would also be a good idea to register the TNH account you're going to use in the name of your company, but as long as it is rooted in a verifiable email address we'll accept it.

So, why do this?  Who cares, right? 

You should care.  TNH is frequently targeted by scammers and unscrupulous sorts who hijack the identities of other companies to try and benefit from their hard earned reputations.  Everyday, we have to remove ads and shut down accounts from people misrepresenting themselves as companies they have no affiliation with.  They try to pretend to be you, advertise for employees, then direct those respondents to their own much, much less reputable businesses.  Is this what you want?  Other people using your brand and reputation to cheat people?  

We certainly don't want that, and we assume you don't either.  

Help us help you by using verifiable company email addresses when conducting your site business.