The TNH Classifieds section is a strictly business-free section of the site, reserved solely for transactions and appeals between private individuals.  That this section doesn't get cluttered with business spam is one of the reasons those who use it experience such success.

To successfully moderate this section, we need clear, consistently-enforced guidelines.  Unfortunately, a commercial operation's licensing status cannot be a part of those guidelines for two reasons:

  • There are many thousand unlicensed businesses in Vietnam, and we do not want to reward them by allowing them to post in the Classifieds simply because they have avoided proper legal registration.
  • It is impossible for our moderators to remotely verify the current legal status of an entity they have only online access to.

Because of this, we have set out a set of simple guidelines which prevent business encroachment on the Classifieds and which moderators can reasonably enforce.  

For the purposes of TNH activity, we consider any operation to be a business if they have established a brand that is more than the identity of a single individual person.  This is to say, if a person is marketing themselves or their services just under their individual, personal identity, then they are considered a freelancer and welcome to post in the Classifieds.  However, as soon as they give their operations an independent name, they have become a business and may not post in the Classifieds.

We establish that a "brand" has been established by checking any of the following:
  • A website to represent the products or services they are advertising.
  • A social media channel (e.g. TNH Spot, Facebook page, LinkedIn listing, etc.) to represent the products or services they are advertising.
  • A shopfront where said brand is publicly displayed.

If your activity has crossed the line into business activity on TNH, we recommend you create a Spot.  If you already have a Spot, we recommend you claim that Spot to gain admin access so you can keep its information up-to-date.  If you feel that you'd like to get more attention for your business operations, please check the Advertising section of the Business Owners' Guide or email us at so that a site representative can walk you through your options.

Good luck.